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Cut Your Premiums While Enjoying Great Coverage

The right knowledge can help you find affordable protection online. We've provided ten tips to help you cut your costs below.

  1. Accurately assess your needs. Use an online calculator to find out how much coverage you would need to pay for your spouse/partner's expenses until retirement and your kids' expenses until they become adults or finish college.
  2. Go for term life. As you shop for an affordable plan, you will also see whole life policies that double as investment tools. For most consumers between age 20-50, term life is the better deal.
  3. Shop online. When you shop online through a site like ours, multiple insurers compete for your business, which works to your advantage.
  4. Clean up your lifestyle. You will receive lower rates if you do well on your life insurance medical exam. To improve your performance, try losing weight, quitting smoking, and working on lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol beforehand.
  5. Choose your purchasing route. You can shop for affordable coverage online, but you still have to decide how you're going to buy it. You can purchase directly from the insurer, through an agent, or through an insurance broker. Remember that agents and brokers work on commission.
  6. Never underestimate the power of commission. Brokers and agents benefit the most when they sell you the maximum amount of coverage possible. As such, your best interests may take a backseat to their hunger for commission.
  7. Research. When you're looking for affordable term life insurance online, take advantage of the informational resources available to bone up on the industry. The more you know, the better your purchasing decisions will be. That is where our frequently asked questions come in. Be sure to go through the FAQs to help yourself learn more.
  8. Father playing blocks with childGet coverage from a financially healthy company. You want an insurer with a rating of "A" or higher from a rating agency like Moody's, Fitch, A.M. Best, etc.
  9. Watch for red flags. Don't trust insurance professionals who claim to know better than the rating agencies when it comes to companies' financial stability. More than likely, they are trying to coerce you into a policy from an unstable company.
  10. Update your plan as needed. As you get older, your specific needs will change. Once your kids grow up, you might not need a policy anymore. Make sure your plan reflects your current needs.
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